Stonehenge, Bath and Windsor

A new weekend, a new trip and new places to see and explore. This last weekend, my Flatmate Sophie from back home was in the vicinity, so we made planned ourselves a little weekend road trip. After a stressful mission to pic up our hire car and then Sophie from Gatwick, we were off to Stonehenge. What an amazing place, with such as interesting history stretching back 5000 years to the first work happening at Stonehenge. It really is worth more than ‘stopping in the highway to take pictures’ as a friend of mine claimed.

After Stonehenge we took the scenic route to Bath. This took us through several adorable English villages which were all very quaint and picturesque. As we wound our way through the country lanes, we soon came out into Valley of the Avon River, looking over to Bath. As a world heritage site, Bath really is quite beautiful with all its matching pale yellow terraced buildings and houses. Are a drive around, we checked in and went for a walk to Royal Cresent and the Circle. On our way back through the city a summer storm hit bath, and we were forced to shelter under my umbrella and some trees from the hail and rain. It did clear however, which let us head out for a drink and dinner before an early bedtime. Sunday we were up and off to the Roman Baths. These were much more than I was expecting, with a full exhibit detailing the Roman way of life in Bath and how to Baths and associated temple were built and used everyday. Right beside the Roman Baths is the beautiful Bath Abbey, which had it’s bells chiming as we explored the main pool of the Baths. This made for quite a magical experience. 

After a touch of shopping it was time to make our way back to London Gatwick for Sophie to make Her flight to Norway, but first we had to visit the Queen at Windsor. The town and castle were beautiful and quite stunning and the state apartments full of beautiful art and artefacts. We finished off our weekend with with a tradition Sunday roast complete with our first ever Yorkshire puddings!

Shock and awe at Stonehenge

A storm brewing over Royal Cresent in Bath

We must have hail for a true English Summer

Bath Abbey

The Romans Baths with the Abbey bells chiming in the background

Everyone knows how much I love a good bath

Flowers outside Windsor Castle

Visiting Lizzie at Windsor!

Traditional Sunday Roast