Belfast and Norn Iron

After several days of solo travel and reflection (read: Nigel no mates no more), it was time to meet up with Jess and Jeremy for Northern Ireland exploring, hostel styles. Sometimes I really think I am past hostels now, and I definitely felt this way given our below par hostel in Belfast. Never mind…

A sleep in and delicious brunch got us all sorted for a day of exploring. First we visited the old Cumlin Road Gaol complete with underground tunnel to the courthouse to prevent priosoners being assassinated before they stood trial. After ‘The Crum’ we made our way to the Titanic museum. This is an activity I would 100% recommend if you’re ever in Belfast. Not only did we learn about the history of the city but also that of the Titanic complete with ride! Next we wandered into the Cathedral quarter in town and enjoyed several drinks, dinner, and some fantastic live music.  

Saturday dawned freezing and windy which was perfect since we were off on our Game of Thrones tour. We visited several locations from filming near Belfast, including Melissandres cave, the rope bridge, the iron islands, Renly Baratheon’s camp and the Black Woods. Our tour even included a stop off at the Giants Causeway. That night we had dinner out and a few drinks, again while enjoying Belfasts fantastic live music scene. 

Sunday we checked out Belfast’s Georgian markets before doing a famous Black cab tour. These tours sometimes get a lot of flack for being bypassed, however our driver, although blatantly Protestant, seemed to present the facts of the conflict in a very honest and fair way. After the tour, we failed at getting the airport bus so we had to über to the airport. 

I assumed Belfast would be just another English city, however I was very wrong. It’s probably my favourite UK city after London, with its vibrant music and pub scene, and the locals were all so friendly. Every taxi/uber driver we had was hilarious, and they all had a different opinion on what we should be doing while in town. It really was quite funny. 

The Old Courthouse. Now derelict due to lack of developer funds

Inside the Crum

Outside the Jail

Looking pretty menacing 

Don’t let go Jack! We’re flying!

Cathedral quarter as the sun sets


Belfast on a wall


Best bar interiors at the Duke of York

Belfast Town Hall

Enroute to Melissandres Cave!

Game of Thrones tour excitement 

Way too excited about a rope bridge

We made it!

On the way back up!

The beautiful and rugged Nothern Irish coast

Getting a bit carried away in my Iron Islander get up

The Iron Islands *cough I mean Ballintoy

More stunning Coast line

Enroute to the Giants Causeway

Tourist pose

So much sea air in one week

Travel buddies!

The Black Woods

More Belfast murals on the Black Cab tour.