Portobello Markets

A lovely Saturday in London calls for a trip to the famous Portobello Markets in Notting Hill. Portobello Road was crowded to the max with tourists and locals alike, browsing stalls of jewellery, bags, antiques, souvenirs, food and other knick knacks. The markets are serenaded by buskers at each corner, adding a fun and relaxing vibe to the markets where it seems impossible not to bump into people or get in someones way. Kate and I had a lovely day exploring the markets and enjoying some delicious food and Pimms. We even managed to find “the Blue Door” made famous by Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, however the Travel Bookshop is now a souvenir shop, even if the old signs are still up.

We finished our day with more Pimms (and strawberries) in the sun in Clapham Common, before a shower passed over making the grass wet and no longer ideal for picnicking.

So many people out to explore the markets

Anyone in need of a gas mask?

The Blue Door!
Pimms with a view of the market.