Moscow in the Snow

The night train to Moscow was a great way to travel. We left at 11.45 and arrived at Moscow central station at 8.15am. After disembarking and breakfast nearby, we set off on a bit of a drive around Moscow before stopping off at the Red Square. We were very lucky when we arrived, as the line to enter Lenin’s tomb was very short so we got to walk through and see his embalmed body. It was a pretty spooky experience as he looks like a wax figure and everywhere you turn and look there are Russian guards eyeballing you, unflinching and not blinking. At the red square we also spent some time checking out the famous St Basils cathedral and taking pictures. 

The red square gets its name, not from the red walls of the Kremlin running down one side, but the fact that in Russia, red means beautiful. I can understand this given the beautiful and imposing buildings which surround it. 

After the red square and lunch, we went on a tour of the metro on our way back to our hotel. The metro stations in Moscow are beautiful, with marble, guilder cold, frescos and mosaics. It is also impeccably clean with giant, deep escalators. The engineering of the metro was actually carried out by London Undergriund engineers who were specially recruited. A number were even arrested as spies by the secret police as they gained a in depth knowledge of Moscows layout as a result of the work. Luckily they were deported after a mock trial. 

After a quick nap we headed out again for dinner in a restaurant with giant paintings of overweight men on the wall. Dinner was accompanied by vodka and Russian Champagne, which may or may not have been related to the Snow Ball fight we had later outside the Kremlin…

The morning after our snowball fight we made it inside the Kremlin itself. There is a road which runs through the Kremlin, lined with guards. You are not allowed to cross the centre line if this road as the other side is the presidential offices. Where you are allowed is the old churches/cathedrals. We visited these which were very beautiful, as well as walking through the grounds to check out Putin’s helicopter pad. After this we visited the biggest Russian Orthodox Church which is incredible beautiful and ornate. After this it was farewell to our tour buddies that night before heading to Berlin!

The Moscow Kremlin including Palace and Orthodox Churches

Enroute to Lenin’s Tomb

St Basils in the red square

Moscow fashion at its best. Just kidding, they all wore fur.

Red Square Christmas markets

State Historial Museum

Moscow Metro

Moscow Metro

Moscow Metro

Naked man mural. 

Snowball fights outside the Kremlin

Our Hotel

Grey Gouse Vodka

Entering the Kremlin

Communist Congress

Presidential offices, formerly the Tsar Palace. 

Useless Kremlin Canon. Too big to fire or put on the wall of the fortresss

Lazy eye and Kremlin Church

The wall of the Kremlin, looking down to Putins helipad

Kremlin grounds


Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

Moscow Smog

Typical Stalinist Soviet building