We arrived in Granada to a lovely sunny day, eager to explore another new place. After leaving our stuff at the hotel we were off for a wander through the streets on a brief walking tour, to learn some history and key areas. After our wander it was time for a beeline for tasting of wine, cheese and Spanish ham. We also enjoyed a tradition tapas experience, where you order a drink and the tapas come with it for free! You don’t get to choose the food, it is just what the tapas bar is offering on a given day. 

After wandering the shops while Mum and Dad had a rest, and a quick dip in the hotel pool, we were off wine tasting. Little did we know, the wine tasting came tapas style, so for each new wine we tasted, we also got a taste morsel to sample. After wine tasting which was delicious and also fabulous fun, I went for a spot of shopping in the Spanish summer sales, and scored myself a lovely new bag! Winning!

The next day was our big day for exploring the Albayzin and The Alhambra Palace. We wandered the streets of the Albayzin, learning about the history of the area and current day situation, whilst glimpsing stunning views of the Alhambra palace. After lunch it was off to the Alhambra, where we toured all of the fort, royal palaces and the summer house. The palace although quite grand from the outside, is actually quite plain. The inside however was absolutely stunning in its decorations, carvings and mosaics. 

Spending a full day out and about, walking and exploring, meant we were all truly ready for a break and snooze before heading out for a last dinner in Spain together. Our last day in Spain the next day consisted of more rugby, before ambling around the city until our late evening flight back to London.