Freethinking in Berlin

Berlin. City of hipsters, bohemians, free thinkers and all thinks cool and trendy. Since I use words like trendy, obviously I am not quite Berlin material. However, I definitely enjoyed a relaxed few days catching up with fellow kiwis and enjoying exploring the city. As we had just spent a full on week in Russia, we started our days slow and in true kiwi style with brunch, catching up with other kiwi friends in the city. We also wandering between the sites,and partook in a few walking tours. I ended up doing the Red Berlin tour, to learn all about the Berlin Wall and Soviet occupation of East Germany. This was incredibly interesting and made me understand why my Mum  entered into East Germany through checkpoint Charlie in the 70s in her early 20s. We also did the Alternative Berlin tour which was a great introduction to the alternative society that makes Berlin the city it is today, as well as exploring some of these very cool neighbourhoods. After a relaxing few days, and New Years Eve celebrations, it was back to London for work.

East Side Gallery wandering

Berlin sunset


Brandenburg Gate pre-NYE party

Street art…. many people can do big things, terrible things.

Kiwi brunching

Worth the 2 hour wait

Canal reflections post Turkish markets

Kiwi catch ups in Berlin

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Markers to show where the Berlin Wall used to be.

More kiwi’s having brunch

Reichstag. Bowie played Heroes to East Germany from here.

East German boarder guard escaping the wall instead of building it.

TV tower NYE


Madonna, Bowie, Cobain aaaaaand ??? 10 points for whoever the lady on the right is.

Drumpf (Trump). The danger of blind following.

Ode to Tinder

Iconic. The flag is a silhouette, not painted.

Refugees Welcome!!! I think Angela Merkel is one of my favourite things about Germany.