Belgium, land of waffles, frites, beer and chocolate. My friend Steph and I decided to take a weekend trip to explore Brussels and Bruges. What better way to get to Europe than on the train from central London, with M&S picnic on hand?

After the train and some interesting Uber experiences, we finally made it to our Brussels hotel. Saturday we were up and off to explore the city. Our first mission was to find the pissing boy, pissing girl and pissing dog. The pissing boy is very famous and in a main tourist area. The pissing girl however, is hidden off down some back alley. Not sure I’m entirely impressed with this comparison, for obvious reasons. The pissing dog was out next stop, and we managed to find some very cool street art on the way. We then checked out the main square before making a bee line for some Belgium beer and frites. Everyone warns you about the strength of the beer, and they are not kidding. Two small beers had us giggling and carrying on as we made our way to the train to Bruges. I believe the beer was also responsible for accidentally ending up in first class on the train, and the naps we both had enroute.

After arriving in Bruges and checking into our less then impressive hotel, we made our way out to a traditional Belgium restaurant, for Steph’s Birthday dinner. I have to say I am definitely a fan of Flemish stew, and definitely a fan of the restaurant for the surprise birthday waffle and for taking our drinks off the bill. Such a lovely gesture!

The next day and a half we enjoyed ourselves exploring Bruges, eating chocolate, frites and waffles, and drinking beer. We even went to the chocolate and frite museums respectively. Bruges is a very beautiful and quaint place, but it actually has quite an interesting and sad history which has led to it looking the way it does today.

After a lovely weekend it was time to head home to London, but not before hunting down Brussels smurf statue before jumping on the Eurostar back to London.