Loire Valley

The Loire Valley in France is famous for it’s many Chateaus, supposedly built by wealthy families attempting to one up each other on the house stakes. This has resulted in hundreds of beautiful castles, the most spectacular of which are open to the public

We arrived one afternoon in Amboise, a beautiful little French village in the heart of the valley, where we stayed in an 18th century building, converted into modern apartments. Our first night was a slow one, with some sunbathing and bike riding followed b a relaxing ice cream and dinner in the main square looking up at the Amboise Chateau.

Our only full day we booked onto a wine and chateau tour, so we were up early and off to meet our guide. After picking up the rest of our group we were off to Château de Chenonceau. The Chateau and grounds were beautiful and it had an amazing history of kings and queens and war survival. After Chenonceau we were off wine and cheese tasting with the group, before lunch in a cave. Lunch was a lot more glamourous than it sounds, as we had a traditional Loire Valley lunch complete with wine. Only the French would eat in a cave when it was such a beautiful day outside. After lunch, all feeling quite merry, we made our way Chateau de Amboise, in the town of Amboise where we were staying. A lot of the original structure has been destroyed, however perched on a small hill the Chateau is still rather beautiful. After Amboise, we finished our tour at Chateau, a very modest Chateau, or otherwise known as the grand house where Leonardo di Vinci lived his final days. With that, we ended our tour, and our time in France. The next day we made our way home via Train, Eurostar and Tube.

Amboise with the Chateau on the hill

Amboise old street

Blogging in Amboise 


Enroute to the Chateau

Château de Chenonceau

Leonardo di Vinci’s last house