Christmas Markets in Cologne

December in Europe means Christmas markets and festivities galore, so of course I had to plan a trip a trip to visit some real and authentic Christmas markets in Germany. I met Rhi at the cologne train station, after a late night flight from Düsseldorf and a quick train ride. Even late at night cologne was beautiful. 

Saturday morning dawned bright and cold as we headed off to our walking tour. On our walking tour we learnt much about cologne and it’s history. This included the rule of the romans, all the way through to WWII and its impacts to present day. 

After the walking tour, we set to work exploring the Christmas markets, enjoying the gluhwien, delicious food and more gluhwien. We even went ice skating! Sunday was much the same, and included a visit to the chocolate factory.

Cologne Cathedral


The Cathedarl

Stain glass windows


I found Matty!

Ice Skating!

More Gluhwien!

How we felt after the gluhwien


Sunny last day in Cologne

Winter spritz  while waiting for my flight home


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