Caerdydd, or Cardiff, is the lovely Welsh city and capital of wales. I was lucky enough to enjoy a great weekend there with Will and Kate. 

It was a grey but mild Friday that I arrived, to the loss of the Cardiff Blues to the Scarlets at Millenium stadium, smack in the middle of town. Needless to say people were pretty merry and Jolly as I made my way to the hostel. Kate and Will had already made a new friend when I arrived, so it was off out for a pint. This actually turned into several pints and a trip to the famous Chippy lane for chicken curry chips off the bone. Having heard so much about this welsh delicacy from a friend I had to try it and it definitely lived up to my expectations.

Saturday was time for the free walking tour of Cardiff, where we explored the whole of the central city as well as walking down to Cardiff Bay. We learnt about the history of Cardiff and wales, including English influence/invasion, the castle, the park and much more. After the tour and a cheeky bit of Mexican for lunch, we were off hunting for Halloween costumes. These in hand, it was time for a wee nap before gearing up for Halloween in Cardiff! Dressed in our very coordinated and effective costumes, we had a great night having a few drinks and enjoying all the costumes of everyone else. Our hostel even had a couple mod guys from Birmingham dressed up as the Peaky Blinders!! 

Sunday morning Kate and I were up and out to go and explore Cardiff Castle. This included the old fort, roman walls, WWII bomb shelters and Victorian house. After the Castle and a market lunch we made our way back to Cardiff Bay to go to the Roald Dahl experience. Having grown up reading his stories, this was really fun and a special experience. After Roald Dahl, we made our way to the pub for a last Welsh pint and meal, before our trains home.

Chippy Lane!

New welsh friends!

Chicken curry chips off the bone, sooooooo good!

Autumn wonderland in Cardiff

Bute Park

Bute park

Cardiff castle from Bute park

Convicts in Cardiff

Didn’t get the pouts memo

Outside the castle!

So many great costumes!

Rainy days in Cardiff

The Castle

The Castle walls

In the stocks!

Kings of the Castle!

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