Ah the tube….

The tube, where many an hour is spent underground, zooming through tunnels on your way to various destinations, without a care for the fabulous sights and sounds above you. It’s very easy to spend all your time getting around on the tube and never walking, and therefore not having any sense of direction and how near or far various things are.

That said, the tube is also a wonderful place to observe your fellow humans going about their lives, and oh my there are some sights to be seen. 

Dogs. Dogs underground, on a train with their owners. I have seen the tiniest of handbags dogs, cuddled up with Mum. The happy medium sized dog sitting between Dad’s feet waiting eagerly for him to stand up and indicate this train journey was over. There was even the massive Weimaraner, just chilling by the doors, looking very relaxed by the screeching  and jerking of the tube.  
There’s the loud and obnoxious teenagers, talking far louder than necessary and being incredibly irritating and inconsiderate. 

There was the obviously very drunk young lady, clearly totally hammered at 10pm on a Tuesday. For a second there I thought she might throw up on me with her hand over her mouth like that. Luckily the tube arrived at the next station in the knick of time, where she got off and spewed in the rubbish bin on the platform. 

Travelers are people you see all the time on the tube, usually excited or tired from travels, deciphering the tube map to get to the next sight. This time though, the traveler cried silently while hiding her eyes, maybe missing home, her family, who knows…

Every now and then, the homeless man enters your train car, begging for a few coins to buy himself a meal as he shakes his cup. 

A young professional, suit and tie, grooving out to whatever music he was listening to, before suddenly realising where he was. A quick glance around and an embarrassed look and he was back to downcast eyes and sullen face. 

An important looking person, reading important looking papers while some other nosey person was reading them over their shoulder. 

The best part of the tube is all the people who don’t draw your attention, but just exist alongside you. The tube is by far the best place to see all the different and unique styles of the people of London. From fashionista, tattooed rocker, suited banker and everything in between. It really is a true picture of the people of London, many and varied, who just are who they are. 

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