West Hampstead while on the flat/job hunt grind

After my first weekend of London tourist activities, I have spent this week on the flat and job hunt grind. And when I say grind I mean grind. Its hard work! And before you start, yes I knew it wasn’t going to be easy finding a job and a place to live in a whole new city, but I’m still allowed to whinge about it. Especially when everyone makes it out to be so easy and like you’ll be totally sweet finding a job etc. but anyway, moving on….

In terms of flats, I am being totally spammed by Spareroom thanks to my profile on there, plus have been to a few viewings however most seem to be totally random locations and not what I’m looking for. I’m trying to find a social flat in the Clapham area so fingers crossed (and if anyone reading this knows anyone). 
The job hunt is interesting. I’ve met with a few agencies and more meetings booked in. So far I have been put forward for two jobs but haven’t heard anything. Luckily I have a meeting this evening with someone I’ve been recommended to so hopefully that works out as seems most promising and is in my preferred area. 

In amongst the job/flat grind and catching up with friends, I have managed to spend some time enjoying West Hampstead. Its a great place, with bars and cafes and a cute little park. Its my third day in a row sitting in Alice House for breakfast or lunch, mooching their wifi while I flat/job hunt. Its a great bar/cafe with good food and OK coffee. Not for much longer today though as I am trying to get to the Curchill War Rooms before my meeting later on. And I’m off to Copenhagen this weekend!! 

Breakfast in the sun at Alice House. 

Sitting in West End Green on a hot day. Yes hot! 

West Hampstead is pretty cute

A comet in the sky over West Hampstead!! Just kidding, it’s jet stream from a plane, but got excited for a while there!

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